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    SUCSSA 现有 财务,职业规划,美工,活动策划,市场 五个部门

    还有 【存在性特別重要的】 Michael Lee!


    西雅图大学CSSA 财务部目前由三名成员组成:负责社团所有对内对外的财务收支,大到向中国大使馆活动资金的申请,小到日常办公用品的报销。

    财务部同其他部门一起,守护着 SUSCCA 这个大家庭。


    SUCSSA Accounting Department consists of three team members. Anything related to “Money” goes to them.

    Finance and Accounting Department closely collaborates with other departments to make SUCSSA grow bigger and healthier.

    - by 前任副社长兼财务部部长 瞿倩 (QQ)

    Career Development

    SUCSSA 职业规划部成立于2017年。部门由6人组成。部门以社员的个人成长为前提,组织有助于学生职业发展的各项活动。同时也积极与其他个人以及组织建立并保持有利于社团的关系,从而提升 SU 的影响力与知名度。为 SU 学生提供更好的竞争优势与就业环境。


    SUCSSA Department of Career Development was established in 2017 and has 6 members. Our department prioritizes members’ personal growth. We emphasize Integrity, Unity and Caring. Our goal as a department is to improve the influence and Public Awareness of SU graduates through actively building relationships and share resources with other organizations, companies and professionals. We hold and organize events that help students with career planning and professional development; provide students with opportunities to explore different industries and networking with professionals. Through the interactions with different groups of people (companies, organizations, professionals, students, school), planning and holding different kinds of events and talking about issues we are having and goals we set for ourselves on weekly meeting held as a team; Our members will grow through the process and we will try our best to build long lasting relationships with each other.


    - by 职规部前任部长 白子皇 (Kevin)


    - 成员 孟婉莹 (Julia) 何旭 (Katrina) 彭于玹 (Shania) 甘问朋 (Alex) 纪怡彤 (Katie)

    Digital Design

    美工部作为 SUCSSA 部门之一,负责社内各种美术作品的创作。美工部自创立之初,就聚集了一群有激情有追求的年轻人,大家一起为社团各大小活动出力。因为都是留学生,所以相识在 SUCSSA,因为热爱艺术设计,所以相聚在美工部,因为有着共同的追求,所以大家相知在这里。正因为在这样的一个大环境下,我们更加期待也希望更多的新鲜血液加入美工部,加入我们这个相识相遇相知的奇迹之地。


    The department of the digital design is one of the SUCSSA departments and is responsible for the creation of various art works in the association. It is the key for the design of uniforms, posters and board paintings. Since the inception of our department, it has gathered a group of passionate and ambitious young people. We communicate and learn with each other for all kinds of activities in the association. You can see the figures of digital designer wherever you see posters, tweets or decorations. Because of such a great environment, we are looking forward to more fresh blood to join the department of digital design where you can show your talent.

    - by 美工前任部长 周晓舟 (Jay)

    Event Planning

    EP,活动策划部,在 SUCSSA 中负责组织策划各类推进校园文化多样性以及推广中国文化的活动。

    借由生活类、竞技类、学术类、社交类等各项活动,我们旨在更好地服务中国留学生,并使外国友人们更全面地了解中国文化;另期予以 SU 为载体,助力大西雅图地区华人社区的文化建设。在 SUCSSA 传统活动“春节联欢晚会”中,我们主要承担晚会的创作定位及总体规划与统筹。同时,我们亦与华大、BC、及其他学校各学生社团、西雅图周边各民间组织长期保持着良好的合作关系 。


    Department of Event Planning. Our mission is to serve and flourish the idea of diversity and inclusion.

    Our main duty is to plan and arrange for various kinds of events and activities that promote cultural diversity among SeattleU community, and that deliver the charming Chinese culture to all other students. Our previous events, such as Cultural Sharing, Electronic Sports Tournament, and Spring Festival Gala, not only served students on campus, but have also been spreading out to people from the greater Seattle area. We have also played our part in Spring Festival Gala event as directing team, overseeing the Programming section and Demonstrating section, devoted our best effort to deliver a creative, renovated performance to all our audiences at the night of the Gala, which is the most important annual event of SUCSSA.

    - by 策划前任部长 孙博远 (Bryan)




    The mission of marketing department is to promote Seattle University's Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s value and spirit to not only Seattle area businesses, but also to other student associations/organizations for future cooperation and sponsorship.

    - by 市场前任部长 倪萍 (Tiffany)

    MICHAEL Lee (Filmmaker/Photographer)



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    New Students/Transfer Students

    首先恭喜大家加入 SU Community !!! 撒花祝贺~




    2:参加新生见面会 (强制性哒,不去不能自主选课)

    3:前往 International Student Center (ISC)报道


    (出镜:策划部员 曾宇奇)

    Maintaining VISA Status








    (出镜:美工现任部长 兰博)

    Travel and Re-entry




    可!是! 境外游的话,请记住以下几点:


    1: 请准备好自己的有效护照

    2: 已签名的I-20文件(很重要!!一定要记得去 ISC 签字!!)

    3. 成绩单、在读证明和财产公证,以备过关时海关的随机抽查 (虽然有很大机会用不上,可还是带着以防万一呐)


    (出镜:策划部员 Creese)

    Travel Signature

    如上条所说,如果你有出境旅游计划的话,需在旅游前一周去 ISC 提交 Travel Signature 的申请并同时在 SU Online 上更新有变动的个人信息。



    1. 要记得签字

    2. 记得签字

    3. 签字啊!


    PS:没有签字就跑出去玩是回不来的,会被扣在海关 “小黑屋” 哟。


    (出镜:品宣前任部长 Charles)

    VISA Renewal

    在美留学期间,只要现持有的 I-20 没有过期,那么 VISA 过期也是完全 OK 的。






    (出镜:策划部员 Lily)

    Changing VISA Status

    如果你对签证变更有需求的话,请及时与 International Admissions Office 取得联系并在前往当天带好以下文件:

    1. Copy of Seattle University “Change of Status Requested” Form I-20
    2. Form I-539 and $370 fee
    3. Proof of payment of the SEVIS I-901 fee
    4. Copy of Form I-94
    5. Copies of current immigration status documents, visa stamp, and passport ID pages
    6. If on a dependent visa, copies of primary visa holder’s immigration documents (for example,  H-4 to F-1, should submit H-1B’s 1-797 Notice, Form I-94, and employer letter)
    7. Detailed evidence of financial support
    8. Detailed letter explaining the need to change status
    9. Mail the application to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox

    OPT & CPT

    在美留学期间,可以合法工作的途径只有通过申请 OPT 或者 CPT。


    获得 OPT 的国际生可享受校外工作的资格,一周工作时长最多为20小时;这个工作授权的申请条件是国际生起码持有一年以上的有效 F-1 签证。


    想要申请 OPT 的小伙伴,一定记得参加 ISC 的 OPT Workshop (是强制性的,不去不给你申请哒)。


    如若国际生想将实习获得的学分计入自己的专业,则申请 CPT 更为妥当。


    (出镜:左 - 前任策划部长 Bryan,右 - 现任主席Alex)

    Final Quarter



    记得在最后一学期的时候撰写 Last Quarter Statement 并以邮件或书信的形式递交给 ISC 哦。


    另外需注意的是,没有申请 OPT 的小伙伴们将会在毕业后享有60天的宽限期;宽限期一过身份就不再合法啦!!



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